Bible Study Resources

Bible Study Resources


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How To Do A Word Study

Doing an online concordance search

Comparing Translations


Studylight Commentary Online Library


Keil & Delitzsch Commentary On The Old Testament

Albert Barnes' Notes On The Whole Bible

Adam Clarke Commentary

JFB Commentary

Hawker's Poor Men's Commentary

Pulpit Commentary

Preachers Complete Homiletical Commentary

Word Study Resources:

Barclay Study Bible

Vincent's Word Studies

Vines (Old Testament)

Vines (New Testament)

Cultural & Historical Information:

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Treasury Of Scriptural Knowledge


How To Do A Word Study: 

1) Navigate to

2) In the navigation box type in the bible passage you are studying and select your bible version


3) Select the "Strong's" option in the tool bar above the bible text.



4) Notice in each verse next to the words you will now find a "Strong's reference number" Click on the Strong's number and you will be taken to a Lexicon with the original language word, definition, and other information about the word.


5) If you scroll down on the Lexicon page you will find a "concordance results" box if you click on the "view results" link all the verses the particular Hebrew or Greek word corresponding to the "Strong's Number", occurs in the bible will show up below when you scroll down. 



Online Concordance Search

1) Navigate to

2) Type the word you want to do a concordance search on in the search box


Comparing Translations

1) Navigate to

2) Type the passage you want to study into the search box

3) Click on the "TOOLS" box next to the bible verse you want to read in a different translation.



4. Select the "Bibles" option and the verse will be displayed in multiple translations. Use the hand symbol to the left of the verse to drag preferred translations to the top of the list.